Book One

World Without Love

​In Book One, the story of Jewel’s surrender begins …

Jewel has everything going for her—a handsome husband, a promising future, and lots of time to explore an island paradise she now calls home. But when a group of strangers accompanies her husband home for a friendly game of poker, her life quickly becomes a hellish nightmare of deceit and betrayal.

Now her very survival depends on entering a world where sex, domination, and money are inseparable, where women must obey every master, and where every desire has its price.

​​Reviews of Betrayed:

“With true to life characters, terrific dialogue, and a realistic crafting of setting, Jaye Frances confirms her reputation as a master storyteller, weaving an intense, sensual, and often heart-wrenching tale that spans two continents with intrigue, money, and power. A riveting mix of sex, deception, and pulse-racing plot twists . . . Betrayed is an erotic roller-coaster of suspense.” – NUSA SUN

​“In a provocative departure from her previous work, Jaye Frances delivers a fast-paced erotic suspense thriller with Betrayed, the first  book in the “World Without Love” series. Readers are given a front-row seat to Jewel’s erotically charged descent into a world of deceit, betrayal, and domination. Crafting scenes that range from tender to raw, the author exposes the very core of carnal sexuality, leaving readers captivated, intrigued, and often stunned.”  – Redstone Press

“Wow! This is a must read book! From the beginning, it captivates you and you don’t want to put it down. Jaye Frances gives very vivid details of the characters and the story. You get so absorbed that you can feel what Jewel and Annie are experiencing. I am looking forward to reading Book Two. Kudos to Jaye Frances.” – Sam

“This is not the first book I have read by Jaye Frances. Though she continues to surprise me, as each of her books are quite different. Jaye is so descriptive with her writing that you feel as if you are there right within the pages of the book. My only disappointment was that it had to end, and I have to wait for parts two and three to see what happens. I’m not one to give spoilers, the details in this book are better to discover as you read. I can tell you that you will love this book, you will be taken to another place. Way to go Jaye! I am looking forward to continuing the story!” – Melissa

“The ultimate in betrayal combined with sensual aggression that titillates all possibilities of sexual exploration. With every twist, another advent that kept me on the edge, even beyond the end, as I eagerly look forward to reading the next book in this fast paced roller-coaster of passion and adventure.” – Tracy

“WOW, fast moving and riveting. Could not put it down… a great story teller. Many twists and turns. Expect the unexpected! Waiting for part 2. Have to find out what happens.” – William

“An erotic thriller with a riveting storyline. You won’t be able to put this book down! Jaye Frances takes you on a high seas roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless. A disturbing yet intriguing and poignant tale  . . . Well written with incredible attention to detail. Leaves you hanging on the edge for more!” – Lisa

“I found myself racing through the pages, speculating as I went but always wrong as the book took unexpected twists and turns, throwing my emotions in every direction. The story starts in disbelief as Carl’s disloyalty and blatant disregard for their marriage sent Jewel off to a dark world. A dark world that one should hate but Jaye Frances turns into a sensual, erotic experience explicitly told that imposes a sense of guilt and pleasure admist all the chaos. There is a constant suspicion and mistrust of each of the characters intent towards Jewel adding intensity and uneasiness. The story took an unexpected turn that left me shocked to learn of the circumstances that threatened Jewel’s survival. I cannot wait to read the next book. Jaye Frances has captured a suspenseful, unsuspecting, emotional, erotic story.” – Inga


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World Without Love is a continuing story and meant to be read in sequence starting with Betrayed, followed by Book Two, Reunion, and concluding with Book Three, Redemption. All three books in the series are available in eBook and paperback.

 World Without Love contains mature content and is intended for an 18+ audience

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