There’s Something About You


Our eyes can lead us to interesting places …








I didn’t mean to stare
But there was something
About you that caught my eye,
My curiosity aroused, taking it all in
With cautious scrutiny and playful interest.

Holding comment and opinion at bay
With loose threads of reluctance,
Honest intention restrains my voice
When I notice your lingering glance
Timidly scanning my chest.

Perhaps my rapid breathing gave me away
An awkward, unspoken invitation,
Granting permission for a closer look
In anticipation of discovering
The secrets you have to offer.

Patiently waiting for a signal,
Encouraging a welcome response,
I thought you should know the reason,
My attention and focus are directed
On the question of unknown possibility.

Gathering my thoughts with purpose
Struggling for the right words to say,
Uncertain hesitation keeps me in check
Until I can no longer contain the truth,
“Excuse me, your zipper is open.”