Remember the predictions from a few years ago that essentially pronounced the printed, physical book as a dying method of publishing?  At the time, the growing popularity of eBooks made many authors wondering if they should even consider the option of releasing a printed format.

According to the findings from a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of Americans are reading printed books, while only 28 percent are reading eBooks.

Keep in mind that these numbers refer to readers, not books. In other words, some eBook readers may read twenty books a year, while a reader of printed books may only read two—and vice-versa.

The only real conclusion we can draw from the study is that printed books are still very important to the reading public, and authors should continue to offer printed books—in addition to eBooks—as part of their publication plans.


Some experts say there’s something about holding (and reading) a physical book that increases the reader’s participation. Flipping ahead a few pages, folding down the corner, or simply turning the page provides a more sensory-involved experience and may even help some readers to better understand and retain the content.

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