We're All Captives, In One Way or Another

I'm awakened by the sounds of creaking wood and straining rope - constant protests to the unsteady pitch and roll of the darkness. But the air is laced with the pungent smell of damp rot, and its raw bite forces me to shallow my breathing.

9 Warning Signs Your Relationship is About to Crumble

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Printed Books Are Alive And Well!

A few years ago, there were predictions suggesting the printed, physical book would soon go the direction of the dinosaur. The growing popularity of eBooks had many authors wondering if they should even consider the option of releasing a printed format.

What's Under Your Pillow?

A friend of mind recently confessed that she sleeps with her eReader under her pillow. She told me it gives her a sense of comfort, knowing at any time during the night - with a few taps - she can instantly connect with the characters in one of her favorite steamy novels.

Why Life Lessons Keep Us Connected To The Universe

As a writer, I've received lots of feedback and comments through the years. Some notes were positive, thoughtful, and supportive. Others, cautiously neutral. And a few were downright scathing. However, none of my books generated more email than The Possibilities of Amy .

Finding Closure After a One-Sided Breakup

There's no denying it. The actions of your spouse were painful. They hurt you. Worse, you didn't deserve it. Believing, trusting, loving - you gave yourself to someone who promised to always take care of you, to put you first...

Can Your Relationship Pass the Test of Time?

One of my favorite sanctuaries lies on the west coast of the U.S. Located a few miles north of the California border, this restful and inspiring respite is one of the few locations where nature found a way to ward off humanity's best efforts to leave its mark.

Other People's Closets Are My Favorite Place to Shop

Not only were the clothing and accessories "re-purposed," the proceeds were donated to several local women's organizations, making it a win-win for everyone involved. The community clubhouse where the benefit took place was transformed into a mini-Loehmann's dressing room.

We're All the Same Color Under God's Sun

Last summer, I returned to one of my favorite vacation spots, Orient Bay on the island of St. Martin. Ready to savor the sun, sand, and ocean, I checked into the same little beach hotel I've stayed in at least a dozen times since discovering this unique piece of paradise over twenty years ago.

Looking For A Fun Way To Improve Your Relationship?

During a recent interview, I was asked a question about the essential differences between the sexes when it comes to concepts like priorities and values. The question went something like this:

How I Survived the Fantasy of a Summer Love

They're the treasures of summers past - picnics by the lake, family vacations, fireworks on the fourth, and cookouts on the beach. All staples of the season.

What Happened on the Way to Happily Ever After?

I receive a lot of emails, comments, and reviews about my stories, and I'm always grateful for feedback - especially from readers who purchased one of my books and have taken the time to pass along their thoughts.

There's Something About You

I didn't mean to stareBut there was somethingAbout you that caught my eye,My curiosity aroused, taking it all inWith cautious scrutiny and playful interest.