Printed Books are Alive and Well!

Remember the predictions from a few years ago that essentially pronounced the printed, physical book as a dying method of publishing? At the time, the growing popularity of eBooks made many authors wondering if they should even consider the option of releasing a printed format. According to the findings from a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of Americans are reading printed books, while only 28 percent are reading eBooks …

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A Love For Summer

They are the treasures of summers past—picnics by the lake, family vacations, fireworks on the fourth, and cookouts on the beach. All staples of the season. As I sift through these summer touchstones of my youth, I find most of my recollections have been tempered by time, the details faded with age. And yet there is one memory that always transcends the years with perfect clarity, still stirring emotions and warming the heart—my first summer love …

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A Vacation State of Mind

It happens every year . . . We work like mad, rising with the sun, bustling through the day, dropping into bed at night exhausted and stressed. And just like the movie, “Groundhog Day,” we wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat . . .

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Excerpt from “The Beach”

What are the consequences when wishful thinking brings an overly-confident man and curious stranger together in a frightening—and deadly—battle of wits? Find out in this excerpt from the psychological suspense thriller, “The Beach”

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Excerpt from “Love Travels Forever”

Take a journey of the heart in this excerpt from the short story collection, “Love Travels Forever.” Evan and Frankie, a loving couple traveling through life hand-in-hand, are unaware the shadow of fate is about to tear them apart.

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A Memorial Day Tribute

I’d like to share one of my favorite stories. It’s about a twenty-two-year-old woman named Wanda, and how she helped hundreds of soldiers reunite with their loved ones—every day of the year . . .

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On the First Day of Spring

They arrive wrapped in welcome sunshine—drifting clouds, soaring kites, and cherry blossoms. All promises of spring. They bring with them a sense of growth and renewal, of rejuvenation and revival, and according to Alfred Lord Tennyson, “thoughts of love.”

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A Valentine’s Day Story . . .

I’d like to share my favorite Valentine’s story. It’s about a twenty-two-year-old woman named Wanda, and how she helped hundreds of couples celebrate Valentine’s Day—every day of the year.

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