Author: Jaye Frances

The Kure – An Excerpt

An excerpt from “The Kure” – It had always been one of John’s favorite spots. With enough sun filtering through the canopy to brighten the leafy floor and a small stream running its frothy fingers around clusters of scrub oak and white pine, the wooded knoll was a natural sanctuary. The kind of church God would build, he’d once thought while enjoying the solitude.

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Excerpt from “Love Travels Forever”

In “Love Travels Forever,” Jaye Frances captures the reader’s heart with an inspiring collection of seventeen stories filled with romance and passion, the hopeful innocence of youth, and a love so strong it transcends the mortality of life.

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Excerpt from “The Beach”

What are the consequences when wishful thinking brings an overly-confident man and curious stranger together in a frightening—and deadly—battle of wits? Find out in this excerpt from the psychological suspense thriller, “The Beach”

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Jaye Frances

World Without Love – The Series

The suspense thriller trilogy is available in eBook. Pick up all three books in one handy format. World Without Love-The Complete Series is available from Amazon.

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