All The Same Color Under God’s Sun

Nora was eight years old when she met Georgia. They became instant friends, meeting after class to play in the barn behind Nora’s house. There was nothing unusual about their friendship, except that Nora was white and Georgia was black. Read the inspiring story of a “secret” friendship that blossomed into a sisterhood lasting over 85 years.

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World Without Love is On Sale!

Enter a world of danger and intrigue, a place where trust, honor, and dignity are cloaked in a veil of lies and deceit – Welcome to a World Without Love . . .
Through the entire month of April, you can pick up the complete trilogy in eBook for only $4.99! All three books in the series are included in one handy format. Here’s a quick look at the story . . .

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Sticks and Stones Inspire My Bones

One of my favorite sanctuaries lies on the west coast of the U.S. Located in Oregon, just a few miles north of the California border, this restful and inspiring respite is one of the few locations where nature has found a way to ward off humanity’s best efforts to leave its mark. Long stretches of beach reflect the sunrise off lightly-treaded sand, while rolling waves from a glistening sun-kissed ocean wash against craggy cliffs that separate the forest from the sea . . .

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On the First Day of Spring

They arrive wrapped in welcome sunshine—drifting clouds, soaring kites, and cherry blossoms. All promises of spring. They bring with them a sense of growth and renewal, of rejuvenation and revival, and according to Alfred Lord Tennyson, “thoughts of love.”

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World Without Love is On Sale for $4.99!

World Without Love - The Complete Series by Jaye Frances Beterayed Reunion RedemptionA suspense thriller series with an erotic edge . . . Pick up the entire trilogy in eBook for only $4.99. All three chapters are included in one handy format. World Without Love-The Complete Series is available from Amazon and B&N

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Betrayed by Jaye Frances World Without Love Series​In Book One of the series, the story of Jewel’s reluctant surrender begins . . .

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