Excerpt from “The Beach”

The Beach “Ask for anything you like. Describe your request in as much detail as you can. You may include contingencies, conditions, or time limits. Fashion your dreams without constraint. Structure your future with abandon. Bring accidents of misfortune upon your enemies or sprinkle them with the rains of generosity. Blessings or curses—they are yours to bestow.” “And then you tell me what it’s going to cost, right?” Alan’s voice was dripping with caution. “The cost is always commensurate with the value received. Especially when you consider the significance of what I have to offer.” Alan had kept the...

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Excerpt from “The Possibilities of Amy”

The teacher was instructing the class to assemble into small groups—our weekly ritual of discussing the current reading assignment and forming an opinion of the work. Desks started to turn as classmates formed rough circles with those in closest proximity. I sat, not moving. I had no interest in discussing anything. I wanted to be left alone. ​The group I normally joined waited with confused hesitation. Driven more by instinct than purpose, I suddenly stood up and began moving through the chaotic rearranging of furniture. In seconds, I’d slipped unnoticed into the hall. I considered going home, but I’d...

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The Halloween Man

Jaye Frances | October 31, 2017   A Halloween Story from Jaye Frances     In the neighborhood of my youth, Halloween was strictly for children. In small towns and rural areas, there were few, if any, Halloween parties for adults. It was simply a time for kids, costumes, and collecting candy from the neighbors. And in my eight years or so of going house-to-house in search of the cherished nugget-sized Baby Ruth or the equally prized popcorn ball, the expectation—and the result—was always the same: A smiling face, a hand extending beyond the screen door, and the reassuring...

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A Vacation State of Mind

Jaye Frances | July 9, 2017 It happens every year . . . We work like mad, rising with the sun, bustling through the day, dropping into bed at night exhausted and stressed. And just like the movie, “Groundhog Day,” we wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat . . . So why do we continue to endure this irrational routine of repetition? Aside from the obvious (bills to pay, saving for retirement, putting the kids through college), for many, it’s the anticipation of the well-deserved carrot we call a vacation—that one...

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A Memorial Day Tribute

Jaye Frances | May 25, 2017                      A Memorial Day Tribute I’d like to share one of my favorite stories. It’s about a twenty-two-year-old woman named Wanda, and how she helped hundreds of soldiers reunite with their loved ones—every day of the year. During World War II, Wanda worked at the Fayetteville, North Carolina train station selling tickets, making reservations, and helping passengers locate their luggage. Trains ran full in those days, and getting a ticket without an advance reservation could mean waiting on a hard bench for hours, until the next train traveling in your direction had an...

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On the First Day of Spring

Jaye Frances | April 5, 2017   They arrive wrapped in welcome sunshine—drifting clouds, soaring kites, and cherry blossoms. All promises of spring. They bring with them a sense of growth and renewal, of rejuvenation and revival, and according to Alfred Lord Tennyson, “thoughts of love.” Spring has traditionally been a time to celebrate our relationships, to rekindle the spark of passion and intimacy. And while the popularized example of an April Love usually focuses on the young and their quest for a new romantic interest, it’s equally important to commemorate the existing relationship we have with our spouse...

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